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Beautiful keepsakes and presents to cherish
made with hand, foot, paw and cheeky bottom prints 

Baby's Feet

Hand & Footprint Keepsake Gift Vouchers 


Keepsake gift vouchers are the perfect present for a new baby, Christening or as a family gift at any time of the year. They can be used for any of our Hand & Footprint keepsakes - painted prints, clay imprints or outprints. 

These vouchers start at £20 and can either be put towards a keepsake of the recipients choice or cover the cost of a complete item such as an imprint or outprint.

These can be purchased in the studio, over the phone, 01406 258210, or through our online shop. You can choose to either collect your voucher or have it posted to you. All vouchers are valid from a year.

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