Doodles at Honeypots

Sorry, ordering is now closed 

We'll be visiting Honeypots on Monday 6th December for some festive painting using the children's hand & footprints on our pottery. 

Keep your prints simple or turn them into a Christmas character. Choose from Reindeer, Penguins, Snowmen, Christmas Trees, Santa, Elves or Mistle-toes

So how does it work?

  • You decide which pottery shapes you would like

  • Then you decide how you would like them decorated

  • You order your pieces using our shop below

  • We visit Honeypots on Monday 6th December to take your child's prints using our non toxic, water based paints that are safe for even the tiniest toes.

  • We take the pieces back to the studio, then finish any artwork and writing that you've asked for.

  • We glaze and fire the pieces.

  • We then return the pieces to Honeypots for you to collect.

A quick note about handprints 
It's not always possible to capture a handprint from a baby under 1 years old. We can try our best but we find footprints always work better with this age. They tend to clench their fists when they're tiny and adding squidgy paint encourages this even more. It's possible to get a small hand on a curved surface like a bauble but not on a flat surface like a plate or tile. If you do opt for a tiny hand print, a plain print or single colour print such as a reindeer works best.