Today's a Doodles day! 

Order a box of Doodles magic to be delivered to your home. 

All items will be supplied with either a selection of paints or foam clay to decorate them with. Foam clay is air drying and will have set in a couple of days without anything having to be done to 'finish' your piece. 


On the other hand, our paints are designed to be glazed and fired in a kiln. Any item that is painted will need to be returned to us to be glazed. As nobody knows how long the current social distancing  restrictions will be in place, we are not putting a time limit on when you need to return items to be fired. When we're open again we will make sure every item that is painted is glazed and fired. NEW - We now have a contact free drop off box outside the studio to return items to us for glazing. Details can be found here.

Foam clay is ideal for decorative items but cannot be used on anything you will use for food or liquids, such as a mug or dinner plate. Painted, glazed & fired items on the other hand, are food safe and waterproof

We cant wait to see what you create! x


All orders will be dispatched the day after you place them and will be delivered in 3-5 working days.

Delivery on orders over £25 is free, all other orders will cost £6.


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