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Beginners Clay Workshops

Always wanted to have a go at making something out of clay? Did a bit at school 'back in the day' and fancy giving it another go? Our relaxed, clay workshops offer a hands-on experience for beginners and experts alike.

We believe that everyone has a creative side, and we encourage our customers to explore their own twist and personal style. Our handmade pottery is perfect for anyone looking to create something special and unique. Our friendly atmosphere and Anna's expert tuition make it easy for you to get started and create something beautiful. Join us for a fun-filled and creative experience!

We hold workshops for adults and older children in the evening and weekday daytimes, family workshops are during school holidays

All workshops must be booked in advance and can be booked online.

These beginners workshops vary in length and cost depending on the item being made in the session. 

What's involved with our adult clay workshops?

The cost of your workshop involves step of creating your masterpiece from the expert clay tuition at the start, the return visit to paint your piece and the magic of us glazing & firing it in the kiln.

Step 1 - The Clay Workshop

During your 2 hour clay workshop, you'll be shown how to make your item out of earthen ware clay. Anna will take you through each step as you create your masterpiece. We will have examples to be inspired by, but you can also add your own personal twist to your piece.

Step 2 - First firing in the kiln

Your clay creation, then has to dry out slowly and then has it's first firing in the kiln. This process takes a couple of weeks.

Step 3- Painting your Piece

We'll let you know your piece is out of the kiln and ready to paint, then you just need to book a painting session in the studio at your leisure. These take place Tuesday - Sunday, 10am, 12pm & 2pm. We also open on select Thursday evenings, 7-9pm. We'll be on had to give you hints and tips with your painting if you need it.

Step 4 - Glazing & Firing

Time for the kiln again! We dip all finished pieces in a clear glaze before their final firing in the kiln. This process takes about a week and then your  masterpiece is ready to collect and take home.

Private workshops

If you can't join in on our group workshops, clay workshops can also be booked for private groups.


How does it work

  • Workshops are run for between 8 and 11 people.

  • They can be held during studio opening hours or in the evening, 7-9pm.

  • Prices start at £35 per person, depending on the project.

  • Each workshop focuses on one project and everyone makes their own piece.

  • We dry then fire the pieces in the kiln. This takes around 2 weeks.

  • The workshop price includes a return visit to paint your finished piece.

  • Your glazed & fired pieces are ready to collect a week after painting.


 Give us a ring or pop in and see us to talk through options and available dates.

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