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Clay Imprints

Beautiful life size impressions of precious hand, foot or paw prints in clay. 

At Doodles, we understand the importance of capturing precious memories of children & babies, who seem to grow up too fast, and our canine friends who truly become important part of our families.

We take great care in capturing the perfect mould of your child and pets hands, feet & paws, providing a timeless and beautiful way to cherish this special moment in time. Our non-toxic, super soft clay is the perfect way to capture a snapshot of your little one as they grow and ensure that the memory of their small hands and feet is preserved for years to come. Clay imprints are not just for babies, we can capture prints from the whole family. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful and unique keepsake at Doodles.

How does it work?

Step one

  • Book one of our Clay Imprint & Outprint appointments 

  • We take a £10 deposit at the time of booking. This taken off of the cost of the piece on the day.

  • These are half an hour, one to one appointments for you and your family.

  • We only take clay imprints by appointment to allow time to prepare the clay before you arrive.

Step two

  • You arrive at the studio 5 mins before your booked appointment.

  • We will talk through your options & help you decide what kind of prints you'd like and how many.

  • We gently press the hand & feet into our soft white clay, while you hold your baby or child. 

  • You choose the shape, colours and writing you'd like for us to finish your piece.

  • Decide whether you'd like your piece framed and, if so, what colour frame & mount.

  • We take payment for your pieces on the day of your appointment.

Step three

  • After the appointment, we shape and tidy the clay then slowly dry it before it's first firing in the kiln.

  • Then it's time for painting and personalisation before the imprint plaque is glazed & fired for a second time

Step four

  • If you have chosen to have your piece framed, we will then take your beautifully glazed plaque to our picture framer down the road in Whaplode. When has been framed we will collect it and let you know that it's ready for you to collect from the studio.

  • If you have chosen an unframed plaque, we will wrap & box your piece and let you know you when it's ready for collection.

A lot of time and care goes in to making your clay imprints, including slowly drying the clay, so please allow between 6-8 weeks after your appointment for your pieces to be ready to collect.

We are happy to print babies from 4 weeks old, weighing 8lbs or more. There's no upper age limit.

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