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Painted Hand & Footprints

Any flat pottery surface is perfect for a painted print and whether it's your baby, child or dog, we're happy to help capture those precious prints.

"I'm not really artistic, can you do the artwork for us?"


Hand & Footprint appointments

  • For those who would like us to help with capturing the prints and would like us to complete the artwork and any writing you choose.

  • During your half hour appointment we will help you choose your pottery and the designs you'd like.

  • We then take the prints and details of any writing you'd like added.

  • All our paints are water based, non toxic and food safe. Fingers are easily cleaned with a baby wipe and clothing doesn't get stained.

  • All plates and mugs can be used after they have been glazed and fired. We find it best to hand wash them to keep them in tip top condition.

  • There is an additional charge for any artwork you'd like, starting at £2.50. We don't charge for writing.


Book your half and hour appointment on line and then you leave the rest to us!

"Can I do my own artwork?"

Of course! If you just want help capturing the prints but want to do the artwork yourself, then just book a normal painting appointment. We'll still be there to help but you'll have time to get creative too

Book your 2 hour painting slot here

A small selection of the pottery you can choose from

The pottery pieces we have at the studio changes frequently, this is an example of the pieces we typically have but it may vary on the day you visit us. Pottery suitable for prints starts at £9.50.

A few of the pieces we've painted

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