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Doodles at your Nursery


Let us help you create unique Christmas presents using your child's hand & footprints. 

Precious memories captured with a dash of festive spirit.


How does it work

  • First decide who you want to make presents for - yourself, grandparents, aunts and uncles ...

  • Have a look at the guidelines below to see if handprints or footprints will work best with your child.

  • Choose the pottery you'd likeWe have a variety of plates in different shapes and sizes, baubles, mugs, coasters and tiles. Prices start at £10

  • Choose a designHand & footprints can be left just as they are or we can turn them into festive creations such as Santa, reindeer and snowmen

  • Would you like writing? 

  • Order your pieces online via our website shop

  • Anna & Lucy will visit nursery to capture the hand and footprints on the pottery, then return to the studio to add the writing and artwork before it is glazed and fired.

  • All finished pieces will be returned to Nursery ready to be sent home to you.

Good to know

All our paints are water based, non toxic and food safe. Fingers and toes are easily cleaned with a baby wipe and clothing does't get stained.

All plates and mugs can be used after they have been glazed and fired. We find it best to hand wash them to keep them in tip top condition.

Should I go for hand or footprints?

We can do either. The only restrictions will be the size of your child's hand or footprint and the size of the piece of pottery you want to put the print on. 

We have put the size of the pottery on each shape in our online shop so you can work iy out based on your child's size. Just remember that if we're turning footprints in to Santa or an elf, we need space at the top of the print to add a hat, reindeer need antlers etc. 

Handprints always work best on baubles unless the child is a tiny baby.



What Christmas designs can I choose from?

What pottery can I choose?

Do you want any extra decoration?

Would you like any writing on the piece?

We can add writing on the front and the back of the pottery. 

It could be as simple as the child's name and "Christmas 2023" on the back of a bauble, or "Merry Christmas" along the front of a plate.

There's plenty of space to write something like "Merry Christmas Grandma & Grandad love Oliver x" on the back or, if you've left the front without writing, just put the name and year on the back.



Santa treat plates

These large tree plates are 28cm so there's plenty of space for a handprint reindeer & a footprint carrot. We can change the drink to the beverage of your choice - drinking whiskey at each house may make Santa a little too jolly!

We will also add "Christmas 2023" on the back so you remember when it was painted.


If you have more than one child at nursery we can put a print from each of them on here too. Just let us know in the note section. 

Start a Christmas tradition with a personalised Santa treat plate.

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