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You can choose to decorate this item with either paint or foam clay. If you choose foam clay please make sure you use a battery t-light rather than a naked flame. 


If you choose foam clay you do not need to return it to us to be fired as it will air dry at home in a couple of days.


If you want to paint your item then you will need to return it to us at a later date. There is no rush with this as all items will be fired when the studio reopens.


How to order

  • Please select from the product otions to let us know if you would prefer paint or foam clay 
  • If you choose paint - select the paint colours you would like and select 'None' under foam clay colours
  • If you choose foam clay - select the foam clay colours you would like and select 'None' under paint colours.
  • Please only choose ONE colour selection per item of either foam clay or paint. 
  • All paint selections also come with black and white.


Please remember:

  • All computer screens are different and so colours may vary slightly when you recieve your delivery. 
  • Our paints will brighten and become shiny and vibrant when glazed and fired. They will appear light and chalky when the painted.

Snowflake Lantern

How do you want to decorate your item?
Paint colours
Foam Clay Colours

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