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Helen's Dotty Art Creations workshops

We're so excited to be teaming up with the lovely Helen from Helen's Dotty Art Creations to offer dotty painting workshops at the studio.

A little bit about Helen ....


Helen uses Dot Painting techniques to create imaginative designs on a whole variety of mediums, from canvas to card, wood to pottery. As an artist Helen’s love of art and craft started at an early age, studying a variety of art at A’level. Her passion for Dot Painting came about at the start of Lockdown and school lesson on aboriginal art. It has grown exponentially since and Helen portfolio now includes Mandalas, flowers, a whole host of animals, skull crystals, etc. 


Helen is a single Mum of 2 young boys, works part time as a Primary School Teacher, is an artist and singer. 


Helen has created some beautiful designs for the new year and will be running workshops here at Doodles to put onto Pottery throughout 2023. She would love for you to come join her and try out the art of dot painting. It’s a lot of fun, incredibly relaxing and you can make some wonderful pottery pieces for yourself or to give away as presents. 


Winter Swan Wave Plate

Thursday 19th Jan, 7pm

Helen will be showing you how to create beautiful, unique dotty art Swans onto a gorgeous wavy rectangular plate. Perfect for swans on a lake! A fabulous keep sake, or with the heart shaped necks, it could make a wonderful gift for Valentines.



Mandala Trinket Pot

Thursday 23rd March, 7pm

Using colours of your choice, decorate your trinket pot with a beautiful mandala design



Wizarding Week Dotty Snake

Thursday 1st June, 7pm

Practice your parsletongue and tame your own slithery snake with dots. A more gown up version of our half term workshop for adults & secondry school aged children.



Dragonfly Vase

Thursday 22nd June, 7pm

A lovely size vase to use with flowers or to just display on it's own. Choose a dragonfly design to embellish the front.



Christmas Platter

Tuesday 4th July, 7pm

Get Christmas creative with a beautiful dotty Christmas platter.



Autumn Toadstool

Thursday 7th Sept, 7pm

Decorate your toadstool with dotty sunflowers in beautiful, golds, russets and flaming oranges.



Christmas Dish

Tuesday 7th November, 7pm

Another chance to get Christmas creative with this festive serving dish.


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