Silver Fingerprint Jewellery

Handmade especially for you by Nicola Wellband x


Necklace charms, bracelet charms & cufflinks using your fingerprints and handmade by Nicola

We have teamed up with Nicola Wellband to handmake personalised silver fingerprint jewellery just for you.

All you need to do is ...

Book a time to come into the studio 

Choose which items you would like

Lend us a finger for your fingerprints

Return a week later to pick up your beautiful pieces

It's as easy as that!

Each charm, cufflink and pendant is avaliable in a number of styles and shapes and can be also personalised with a name or initial. We can use child or adult fingerprints and some styles accomadate more than one print. 

Take a look at our frequently asked questions and price list below, then if you have any questions, or want to book a visit, please contact us.

Necklace charm with chain £65

Small necklace charm with chain £45

Large & small necklace charm on same chain £95

Two charms on same chain £110

Pair of cuff links £95

Frequently asked questions ...

At what age does a child need to be to have a fingerprint?

Fingerprints by nature, will vary from person to person. Babies especially, it is at about 6 months old when the whorls begin to develop but if you want to try and capture a little ones print that is younger I am happy to have a go. I once did a 3 week olds finger and nailprint the impressions was deep so even with no whorls we achieved a deep indentation, every child is unique as is the jewellery.

How big will the fingerprint be in the finished piece of jewellery?

The fingerprints are taken in person all our fingerprints are different sizes and will appear in the finished jewellery just as they do when taken. ( I do not enlarge or engrave to enchant a print)

Are the pieces made of silver ?

The materials I work with is fine 99.9% silver which means they are more pure than sterling 92.5% silver which contains a mixture of other metals and alloys. All findings that are attached to the finished jewellery are sterling silver.

After care for fingerprint jewellery

All silver will tarnish over time. This is natural but some of our daily lives will speed the process up, contact with food, hairspray, latex, perfume, soap and even the natural oils on our hands can tarnish silver quicker.

Enclosed with every piece of jewellery is a small jeweller’s silver cloth, would recommend using regularly before the tarnish process begins. Always remove jewellery before showering or swimming as the silver can react with chemicals and chlorine. By nature, pure silver is a much softer metal than sterling silver and it will naturally mark and age gradually over time.

What If I do not like my finished piece?

I am sure you will be delighted with your finished jewellery every piece of jewellery is totally handmade by me I take a good deal of pride in my work. If there is a problem that is my fault I will attempt to rectify or remake the item. However, being handmade and by the very nature of the product, if you simply do not like the result I will not be able to offer a refund.

Nicola Wellband

Bracelet charm for pandora style bracelet £45

Men’s leather wrap bracelet £45

Dog tag on chain £65

2 dog tags on chain £110